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Community Programs

Through a wide variety of innovative programs and unique opportunities Girl Scouts of Central Maryland helps every girl reach her full potential and realize her self-worth. GSCM’s Community programs provide a special focus on self-esteem, conflict resolution, and healthy lifestyles. The goal of these programs is to develop the natural leader in each girl through activities and programs that empower them to be the captains of their own destinies. Moreover, Community Programs provide a setting in which girls can foster good decision-making skills while discovering their abilities and interests.

For more information about GSCM’s Community programs, contact Candace Baker, Director of Community Programs at or 410.358.9711 ext. 259

In School and After School Programs

It’s not just what girls do, but how you engage them that creates a high-quality experience. Nowhere is this more important than in our in-school and after-school activities where the Girl Scout Leadership Experience is available to girls 5-17 years of age through the series pathway delivery system.

Our six-week programs enhance girls’ academic and leadership skills as they explore concepts intended to build self-esteem, confidence and leadership ability. We create a safe, girl-only space that fosters collaboration instead of competition, and promotes support among girls.

I Am… (K-8th)
Finding self-love through self-discovery
This program takes girls on a journey of selfdiscovery and helps them recognize that they are strong, unique and a force to be reckoned with. I Am addresses the common instigators of low self-esteem in girls, and they will learn how to differentiate between the pressures that certain platforms put on us versus real beauty and self-love.

You CAN Sit With Us (K-8th)
Creating positive environments for healthy friendships
This program addresses the “how to’s” of becoming better friends, and therefore being able to make better friends, and build quality friendships. Understanding personal values, negative peer pressure and relational aggression are also addressed as a means to stand up to bullying.

Sci-Fly (K-3rd) 
Exploring her inner scientist 
Girls will discover the science behind everyday occurrences as they learn about topics such as the life cycle of plants and butterflies, as well as the importance of recycling through fun and engaging activities.

$mart ¢ookie (4th-12th)
Developing Financial Skills for Success
Girls will gain a better understanding of finance, entrepreneurship and career development while learning about budgeting and money saving. They will also develop and learn how to promote their own businesses. This is a great program to teach professionalism and help prepare girls for their future careers.

Fierce & Fit (K-8th)
Learning how to lead healthy lifestyles
This program focuses on nutrition and exercise as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Each week, girls will participate in different movement activities while learning about self-care. Girls will learn how to make healthier food choices and how to lead healthy lifestyles.

Read to Lead (K-3rd)
Developing literacy skills for future leaders
Using a series of wonderfully illustrated books and activities, we help guide girls in grades K-3 through a journey of diversity, feelings, self-esteem friendship and courage!

Earth, Wind and Fire (4th-8th)
A STEM experience
Girls will learn fire safety through hands-on chemistry and electricity lessons where they will make a functional fire extinguisher and telegraph key. Through a partnership with the Fire Museum of Maryland and Motorola, girls will receive a free pass to the museum upon completion of this program.

Beyond Bars

The Girl Scouts Beyond Bars (GSBB) program helps strengthen relationships between girls ages 5 through 17 and their mothers incarcerated at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women. In addition to organizing mother-daughter troop meetings at the prison and leading mothers-only meetings focused on such themes as relationship building, GSBB also offers girls more traditional Girl Scout activities outside of the prison setting.  By participating in such activities as camping, college tours, field trips and community service projects, the girls develop leadership skills and bond with others whose mothers are also incarcerated. These shared Girl Scout experiences teach girls that despite the ache of parental separation, they are not going through it alone.

Strengthening the bond between mother and daughter continues to be an effective strategy for teaching girls to make better choices. GSBB has been proven to fortify the mother-daughter relationship and reduce the stress of separation for both. The program fosters development of the girls’ self-esteem, personal growth, and leadership skills, and increases the likelihood of successful reunification following the mothers’ release. 

“Not only has the Girl Scout program affected my daughter in so many positive ways, but it has had a huge impact on my life as well. Being a mother behind bars can lead many into feelings of helplessness and severe depression. Girl Scouts has allowed me the opportunity to spend quality time with my daughter teaching, sharing, and being more of a positive role model.”—Beyond Bars troop mother

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For more information about the program, or getting involved as a volunteer, email Domonique Jenkins at, or via phone at 410-358-9711, ext. 242. To invest in this life-changing program, contact the Fund Development team at