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NEW Cookie Sale Incentive Announced!

To keep the momentum going for the remainder of Girl Scout Cookie season, we're excited to announce a new incentive!

Your troop can now earn 50% off a campsite rental at Camp Whippoorwill or Camp Woodlands between June 1 and August 30, 2019, and we will provide your troop with S'mores!

How to qualify:
Order and pick up 25 cases from the Cookie Cupboards during the last three planned order dates of the sale.

Enter your planned orders on one of the following Sundays to qualify: 11/25/18, 12/2/18, and 12/9/18.

You must pick-up your order as scheduled for it to count!

You can get all 25 cases at once or you can come two or three times to accumulate the 25 cases in total.