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Message from the GSCM Board of Directors May 12, 2021

After careful consideration and discussion during Board meetings held on May 4 and May 10, 2021, the Board of Directors of the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, Inc. has approved pursuing the sale of Camp Ilchester, subject to the Board’s final approval of price, terms, and conditions of a potential sale.

As a result, the Board has appointed a special Board committee (the “Camp Ilchester Committee”) to engage appropriate real estate consultants and counsel to assist it in developing and implementing a strategy to position Camp Ilchester for sale to potential buyers, which may include governmental or other public entities (e.g., Howard County) and/or other potentially interested private entities, organizations, or individuals. The Camp Ilchester Committee will report to the Board on its progress and make recommendations to the Board regarding any proposed sale of Camp Ilchester to a specific buyer.

Prior to soliciting bids from developers, the Camp Ilchester Committee will commence discussions with groups interested in preserving the property as green space, including but not limited to local and/or state government.

At this time, the Board has made no decision, preliminary or otherwise, to accept or proceed with any specific sale of Camp Ilchester.

The Board prudently considered the financial, strategic, and other short-term and long-term factors relating to the sale of Camp Ilchester, including the views of the members, volunteers, and others as reflected in communications received, as well as the results of the non-binding ballot taken during the April 22, 2021 Special Council Meeting by the Voting Members. Informed by all of these considerations, the Board in the sound exercise of its business judgment believes that pursuing a potential sale of Camp Ilchester is in the best interest of the girls served by our Council.

- Girl Scouts of Central Maryland’s Board of Directors