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Update on Camp Ilchester - April 13, 2022

The leadership of Girl Scouts of Central Maryland is pleased to announce that it has accepted a letter of intent from Howard County, Maryland, to purchase the Camp Ilchester property.

We received interest in the property from a variety of private organizations, in addition to Howard County, and we are moving forward with the county’s offer because it was the most appealing. The County has offered us a fair price and a commitment to sustain it as green space, which will allow for all of us to enjoy the land for generations to come.

We are appreciative of the intent of this offer as we move forward in good faith to formally agree upon a purchase agreement. Also, be assured that GSCM is planning to reimagine and/or relocate the onsite store and nature center at Camp Ilchester after the property is turned over to the County, sometime at the end of the summer. This timetable will also allow us to fulfill our commitments to provide summer programming at Camp Ilchester.

Lastly, we would like to thank you, and the many other people who have worked with us during this process, including the state of Maryland elected officials. Together with wonderful, trusted partners, GSCM can continue to invest in a sustainable future and increase our ability to deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to our girls across Central Maryland!


Violet Apple
Chief Executive Officer
Girl Scouts of Central Maryland

Judy McGovern
Chair, Board of Directors
Girl Scouts of Central Maryland