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Troop Finances & Banking

Getting Started with Troop Banking

  1. Make sure you are registered for the current membership year with a current BGC in an active troop role. Check out your MyGs and familiarize yourself with the VTK.

    Check out the Managing Finances Guide for extra guidance and, if you are a new leader, don’t forget to register for our new leader trainings which will offer you all the preliminary information needed to manage troop finances! 

  2. Get your bank account started here! Bank accounts are established through Council by completing the following form.

    To request a bank letter, a troop should have  three registered, background checked, and unrelated adults identified. The troop should also have the bank name, location of the bank branch and the contact information of the branch official that needs to receive the bank letter.

    Survey requests are viewed and processed on a weekly basis. Completed bank letters will be sent to branch officials and to the requesting volunteer. 

  3. Complete the End of Year Troop Financial Report. Troop leaders/co-leaders complete the annual financial report in the Volunteer Toolkit. Login and click the "Finance" tab to submit troop income, expenses, and answer a few short questions.

    If you’re a troop treasurer who is not in a leader position, please contact us and we will temporarily place you in this position in order to complete the report.

    When you are ready, click submit and your report will automatically be received by the council. Please be sure to only click SUBMIT once you are 100% ready, there is no way to edit the report once it has been sent to council.

    Parents and troop volunteers will be able to see the completed report on the Finance tab.

Need a helping hand? Download this Troop Financial Tracking Worksheet to your desktop or check out this VTK Finance Tab how-to!

Questions? Contact us at or at 410.358.9711.