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For Volunteers

Your routine—and your girls’—may have changed with everything happening in our world right now. But what hasn’t changed is how Girl Scouts, especially our dedicated troop leaders, rise to meet challenges with a confident “We’ve got this.” And though the COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible for troops to meet in their usual spaces, we’re redefining what our traditional troop meeting and activities look like.  

Girl Scouts of Central Maryland is excited to offer a series of free enrichment webinars, exclusively available to GSCM Volunteers. During these interactive sessions, you’ll participate in activities, learn about some great tools and find the support you need to keep yourself and your troop strong, even when you can’t meet in person. Invitations to register for these webinars have been sent via email. If you did not recieve the email and you think you should have, please reach out to us at

We’re also excited to share free access to Girl Scout activities for every grade level, using items your girls’ already have in their homes. And as always, you can tap into the Volunteer Toolkit to help you along the way.

We hope you'll also take a look at the articles from the Girl Scouts Tips for Troop Leaders hub, including suggestions for virtual meetings, tips on talking to kids about coronavirus, and remote troop resources. We’re continuously rolling out new resources so check your email often for updates!

Additional Resources 

Volunteer Enrichment Series 

Girl Scouts from Home

Hear from troop leaders and GSCM staff about ways to engage with your troop/group through online communication and virtual portals, such as ZOOM, Google Hangouts, and more!

Foundational Girl Scouts

Coming soon!

Deep-dive Into the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)

The Volunteer Toolkit is your official source for delivering easy, fun troop meetings year-round! Girls have more fun when they can shape their own experience, do hands-on activities, and work together as teams. With the VTK take the guess work out of planning and spend more time exploring topics with girls!

Discover Your Authentic Leadership

What type of leader are you? Through this session, you will participate in activities which will help you explore and further discover your own authentic leadership style. If you’d like to participate in the activities, have a notepad/paper and a pen/pencil on hand for the session.

Learn Songs with Girl Scouts

Join the GSCM Community Program team for this lively session on learning and singing songs which you can share with the Girl Scouts you lead.

Community Service vs. Take Action Projects

What is the difference between community service and take action projects? Come find out! Learn what it takes to effectively guide girls through the Take Action process. Explore ways to instill solid leadership and planning skills in each girl, no matter her Girl Scout level.


Come learn about this traditional way Girl Scouts can connect with other Girl Scouts in their local area and beyond.

GSCM Shop Talk-Uniform Essentials

A chat with the GSCM Shop Team about everything uniform. We'll share information, give tips, and answer questions.

Girl Scout Traditions

Traditions give Girl Scouts a sense of history and have been delighting girls and volunteers for over 100 years. Learn how these traditions can be brought to the troop/group whether you are meeting in-person or online.

Managing Stress and Conflict

Stress and conflict are realities of life. People are living in a constant period of transition, and the shelf life of solutions keeps getting shorter since what works today can become obsolete a few months later. Stress is often coming from or caused by people, technology, new information, and globalization trends. Learn some effective ways to manage stress, conflict, and change.

Bridging: Celebrating Your Move to the Next Girl Scout Level

Bridging from one Girl Scout level to the next is a milestone for girls and their troop leaders, not to mention a great retention activity! We’ll discuss the bridging experience and award requirements. Additionally, we’ll chat about how bridging leaders can prepare themselves to lead at the next level

Troop Finances for Troop Treasurers

Learn about the role of a treasurer and the different tools available to assist you with troop financials.