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About Our Camps


Camp registration opens February 1–Find the perfect camp session for your Girl Scout in Great Adventures!

Visit our Resident Camp Page for more information!

Your next adventure is waiting for you at one of our four camp properties.

Each of our camp properties can be used for troop camping, day camping, various outdoor program education opportunities and meetings and trainings. They provide a great environment for learning and exploration in a tranquil natural environment. We have camps in Anne Arundel, Howard and Cecil County.  For more information about what each camp offers and which location best serves your needs, please check out our Guide to Council Properties.

Spending time outdoors in nature is different from playing or learning inside. Here’s how...

Outdoor spaces support physical play.
The outdoors offers open space where children are able to be messy, make noise, and move in more physically intense ways.

Time in nature promotes attention restoration.
Spending time in nature improves concentration and creative reasoning among children including those with attention deficits.

Nature provides novelty and challenge, which enhances leadership.
Outdoor experiences often place girls in new physical, psychological, and social situations that motivate curiosity and foster a sense of discovery. Authentic challenges (think starting a fire in the rain or negotiating whitewater rapids) require girls to become more self-aware and to cooperate, communicate, and solve problems more effectively.