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Become a Cookie Volunteer

Brownie TroopThere are several ways you can help the Girl Scout Cookie sale! Check out our Cookie Volunteer job descriptions below to find out what you may interested in.

Don’t see anything you like? Contact to let her know how you’d like to help out. Visit our Become a Volunteer section to learn more about the volunteer application process.

Get Your Troop Started with the Cookie Program

Check out Smart Cookie U to find a series of self-contained, online training modules.

Volunteer Support

ABC Baker makes it easy for busy volunteers to help girls set and reach their goals. ABC Baker’s website provides information about safety, ideas for activities, marketing materials, and more.


Full Cookie Sale Safety Guidelines can be found in the Cookie Product Sale Safety Activity Checkpoints.

Booth Sales9552019986_e821d7ede4_b

Customers love to buy cookies when they can eat them right away. That’s why cookie booths – set up in front of groceries, at sporting events, or in other high-traffic areas – are so successful.

Click here for Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sale tips.

Download Cookie Sale Safety Activity Checkpoint Guide, which includes Booth Sale safety guidelines.

Find more Booth Sale materials below in our Cookie Volunteer Resources section.

Cookie Rallies

Jump start your Cookie Season with a Cookie Rally and watch sales soar. A Cookie Rally is a high-energy good time for girls, and it’s a great place for them to learn the proven strategies that lead to success. No one can resist the momentum of dozens or even hundreds of girls excited to start selling cookies.

Click here for the 2013-2014 Rally Guide!

Market Your Cookie Sale

Materials are available for download to help your girls get started marketing their Girl Scout Cookie Sale. They can be found below in our Cookie Volunteer Resources section. Visit ABC Baker’s website to find more marketing ideas and materials.

Cookie Volunteer Resources

Can’t find what you need here? Check out our full resources page.

2014 – 2015 Cookie Calendar
Troop Cookie Manual
Five Skills for Girls Booklet
Cookie Volunteer Training Prezi
Girl Scout Cookie Program Family Guide
Girl Scouts of the USA Resources
Girl Scout Cookie Kosher Certification 2013-2014
ABC Bakers Snap Training Module – Cookies Icon

Delinquent Cookie Account Form (T-6)
ACH Form
Parent/Guardian Receipt (T-11)
Cookie Share Receipt Template
Financial Empowerment Guide

Booth Sale Forms
BS-4 Booth Sale Tally Form
Girl Credit Booth Sale (BS-5)
Booth Sale Upload Format (excel)
Girl Scout Cookie Booth Request Letter

Service Unit Forms

Troop/Group Forms
Cookie Depot Cupboard ID Card (T-12)
Transfer (T-4 CC-2)
Parent Permission (G-1)
Out of Council Booth Sale Permission Form
2013/2014 Rewards

Marketing Materials
411: Online Product Marketing
Cookie Locator – iPhone
Cookie Locator – Android
2013-2014 Rally Guide
COCO Cookie Command - your online “Cookie Command” center for your cookie business where you set and your track goals.

Booth Flyers
Flyer 1
Flyer 2

Handheld Posters
Poster 1
Poster 2
Poster 3

Store Signs
Sign 1
Sign 2
Sign 3

Door Hangers
Girl Scout Cookie Door Hanger


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