Digital Textiles Workshop at Open Works (4 Session Workshop)
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Date: Sun Apr 07, 2:00 PM EST - Sun Apr 07, 4:00 PM EST
  • Creative Arts,
  • STEM
  • Juniors

This is a 4 part workshop.

Program workshop days are 4/7, 4/14, 4/21, 4/28 from 2PM - 4PM on each day.


Immerse yourself in the exciting realm of digital textiles during this immersive and hands-on workshop at Open Works, a distinguished nonprofit makerspace. Over the course of four dynamic sessions, participants will embark on a creative journey, exploring the endless possibilities of digital design and its application in the world of textiles.


During the workshop, students will delve into the realm of digital drawing software, learning the ins and outs of creating intricate and personalized patch designs. With expert guidance, participants will unleash their artistic flair, designing unique patches that reflect their individual style and vision.


Once their designs are perfected, students will have the opportunity to witness their creations come to life using cutting-edge technology. Open Works boasts state-of-the-art equipment, including a direct-to-garment printer, a heat press, and a sublimation dye machine. Girl Scouts will learn how to transfer their digital designs onto T-shirts, resulting in vibrant and durable prints that showcase their creative talent.


But the exploration doesn't stop there. In this workshop, participants will also witness the marriage of tradition and innovation as they witness their designs being skillfully embroidered using the advanced MELCO digital embroidery machine. This fusion of traditional thread work and modern technology adds a unique touch to their creations, allowing for stunning and intricate details to be woven into the fabric.


At the end of the workshop, Girl Scouts will leave with more than just newfound knowledge and skills. They will proudly walk away with a personalized T-shirt, adorned with all their digital designs, and a thread patch showcasing their artwork. These tangible reminders of their creative journey can be cherished and sewn onto their actual vests or sashes, serving as a lasting symbol of their achievements.


Whether you are an aspiring designer, a textile enthusiast, or simply seeking a creative outlet, the Digital Textiles Workshop at Open Works offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the intersection of digital design and traditional craftsmanship. Join us on this captivating adventure, where innovation and creativity converge to transform the world of textiles.


Registration for this workshop will open on 1/1/2024

Registration for this workshop includes all materials and program fees for all sessions. No additional purchases are required.