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Leadership Series with the CEO: How to Talk to Girls About...

Thu Nov 08, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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GSUSA’s Chief Girl and Family Engagement Officer, Andrea Bastiani Archibald, will be among the featured speakers who will be talking with parents and volunteers about Raising Awesome Girls at this adults-only installment of the Leadership Series with the CEO. She and other panelists will give tips on how to have conversations with their girls about some of the difficult issues—depression, suicide, child abuse, and drug use/addiction—that they, their friends or classmates may be dealing with. Many times adults aren’t sure how to talk with their children about what to do or say when a friend or family member is impacted by the opioid crisis, a violent crime or loss of a loved one.  The panelists will share insights that will help adults talk about these topics with their children.