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MyGS and the Volunteer Toolkit

Volunteer Systems is ready to serve you!
As part of the GSUSA Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI), Volunteer Systems will go live on January 4, 2017!

With Volunteer Systems, current and new members will benefit from interactive and user-friendly improvements including a more seamless join/renewal process, and improved resources for volunteers that will allow them to spend more time where it counts--with their girls! For more information about the Volunteer Toolkit, watch these videos!

Read below for important information that will help ensure a smooth transition.

New Member Registration & Community | Membership Support
Opportunity Catalog | Event Registration

New Member Registration & Community (MyGS) Login
On January 4th, you will receive an email welcoming you to the Member Community (MyGS). This will now be the portal you will use to manage your personal, household and troop profiles. You will also be able to update your own membership and renew your family’s and troop’s membership through MyGS. MyGS will also give you access to the Volunteer Toolkit, a digital resource designed to make it dramatically easier for troop leaders to manage their own troop(s), prepare for and lead meetings, and connect with other volunteers.

To log into MyGS, go to the homepage of and click on the yellow “MyGS” portal in the upper right hand toolbar.

If you have any questions, the new Member Care team will be there to support you along the way.

Membership Support Teams
In an effort to provide improved customer service, the CEI system has replaced membership specialists with these new membership support teams:

Member Care This team will be your first line of contact for any Girl Scout related inquiries. To contact Member Care staff, email: When you email (or call 410-358-9711), a member care staffer will record your inquiry and respond to your question as quickly as possible. For questions that cannot be answered immediately, the recorded inquiry will then be placed in a que to be answered by a subject matter expert. Throughout the process, the goal is to improve the customer experience by providing timely and consistent responses.

SU and Troop Support There will be a dedicated staff member for each of the city/counties the council serves whose sole job is to support Service Units and troop leaders. This team will welcome new leaders and: connect them with their SU; ensure they have registered for any necessary training(s); and, identify resources that can help them better understand Girl Scout programs. The SU and Troop Support team members will also provide ongoing support to troop leaders.

Placement This team focuses on converting girls and adults who have expressed an interest in becoming GSCM members. Placement team members also manage the Opportunity Catalog, which identifies troops who can take additional members, to ensure that interested girls and adults can find matching troops when they sign up online.

Recruitment Each county is assigned a staff recruiter who will be planning and attending recruitment events and campaigns. Recruitment team members will also be working closely with the Service Unit Community Liaisons to assist them with their recruitment efforts.

Opportunity Catalog -- Streamlined sign up for new members
The Opportunity Catalog allows troops to display their troop openings for girls and adult volunteers. With the information available at sign up, girls and adults can pick the troops and roles when they register and begin their Girl Scouting experience within days.

What about Online Registration?
Events and activities will continue to be through our current online registration system, so don't lose that log-in! If you have any questions, please contact the council office at 410.358.9711 or