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Entering Kindergarten

Registration for girls entering kindergarden in the fall is now open!

Get her Girl Scout adventure started today by taking advantage of our unbeatable extended-year membership promotion! By registering your girl to start Girl Scouts now, she’ll be covered for the rest of the membership year AND the next! Unleash her potential today.

If you need help with registration please contact or 410.358.9711.


Help her earn her first patch with Girl Sprouts!

Girl Sprouts is a self-led guide for pre-kindergarteners interested in exploring Girl Scouts, and for parents/guardians who want to help set their daughters up for success as they enter kindergarten. This program is ideal for girls starting kindergarten in the fall. 

As a Girl Sprouts participant she might:

Get more information about preparing your girl for Kindergarten by texting DAISY to 59618 or sign up for our email series at