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Cookie Sale Extended

The Girl Scout Cookie sale has been extended through January 31, 2013! There is more time to make a difference….and more time for your girls to do a world of good! This is also an opportunity to support girls striving to reach their individual goals or girls who want to move to the next reward level. You can support them by taking a few more weeks to participate either through order taking or holding booth sales.

There is still time to participate!

A big thank you to GSCM’s volunteer cupboard managers who help keep the cookies moving during direct sales. We could not do this without them and they have done a fabulous job. Please be sure to thank them. As we wind down this year’s sale, GSCM will be closing and consolidating cupboard inventories.

To get your cookies, contact Terry Mercer at tmercer@gscm.org or call 410.358.9711, ext 227.

Don’t forget—Girl Scout Cookies make great gifts anytime of year, and they freeze well. So stock up today.


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